Hey Caregiver!

 Unfortunately, most of the time we just go, go, go like the energizer bunny and God has to MAKE us take a break.  This was my day:

  • Woke up, morning devotions and prayer
  • Did Mama’s morning care (administered meds, cleaned up the spill on aisle 1, hydrated through tube) and prayed
  • Made up my bed and did my morning care
  • Worked out
  • Checked email
  • Recorded podcast
  • Got Mama out of bed into the chair to feed and bathe her
  • Stripped bed and washed linen
  • Made our brunch
  • After we ate, I cleaned up the dishes and kitchen (one of my idiosyncrasies is to never leave dishes in the sink)
  • Took a phone call
  • While I was on the phone call I heard a BIG CRASH. Mama had pushed over the medicine table to get my attention
  • Went upstairs to calm her down. Got her comfortable, reclined her in the chair.
  • Went to take my neighbor her Amazon package which was delivered to me.
  • Came back, sat down, and hopped on IG for a minute.
  • Heard a big CRASH again. But, this time it wasn’t the medicine table…it was her.
  • Mama fell off of her Barton Chair.
  • I called 911…fire dept came and we waited about 35-40 minutes for the EMTs to arrive. Side note: One of the firefighters looked like my friend who passed and today he would’ve celebrated 49 years.
  • EMTs finally came and were directed to take her to Johns Hopkins Hospital based on her history of hemorrhagic stroke.
  • We waited in the ER hallway for about 1 hour before they got her to a room.
  • We waited over 4 hours for the CT scan. And still waiting for a couple more tests.
  • Thank God she’s coherent…no signs of any bleeds…she’s talking smack, but is aching on her left side.
  • Waiting for them to do an X-ray and check for a UTI…and it’s after 3AM!

It hit me the other day that taking care of me and Mama IS A LOT.  And then to add on running a business, hosting/producing/editing a podcast, designing products, managing my Binti Circle support group, assisting fellow family caregivers, planning a much-needed respite retreat, strategizing for BGGE, wellness checks, trying to keep up with social media, etc. etc. is MORE THAN A LOT.  And y’all I’m TAWD (Bmore vernacular). 

So, in observance of Mental Health Awareness Month, I’mma listen to God, take a break, pray, seek Him and His will. Let Him manage my calendar and prioritize my life.  

Please keep me and Mama in prayer as we wait for the final test results. She’s coherent, talking smack and wearing me out. I already have our caregiver Catt on notice once she’s discharged so I can get some rest!

Until then, take good care, stay well and be selfull! 

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