2022: The Year of the Self-Love Quest

Today is my Founders’ Day and while I love DST, and I’m grateful to live the legacy of our 22 phenomenal founders, I am committed to loving ME…ALL of me…unconditionally in 2022. For too long I have been my own worst critic.  I mean BAD. Things that I say to myself I would NEVER say to my friends or family, nor allow anyone else to say them about my friends or family.

At the top of the year, COVID slowed me down a tad, physically and emotionally. The last 2 months of the year were non-stop busy. I had some wins… produced 6 podcasts, Small Business Saturday and holiday season sales were amazing, sold out of the selfullness giftboxes and enjoyed time with my Binti Circle Bosis!! But y’all, I was TAWD (tired in Baltimore vernacular). And God knew it.

COVID gave me time for reflection, deep soul searching, and lots of much-needed rest…even when I was still trying to push myself. Aaaand, God sent me confirmation and reinforcement by way of sermons, books, and conversations. 

On one of my harder days, my sisterfriend Sheron shared a Michael Todd interview titled “Trust in God’s Timing” with me. He told the story of how their ministry was growing so fast, how speaking engagement requests were coming in, and how God told him to operate in “the pace of grace”, which is the sweet spot between great results and genuine rest. When I say that message hit me like a ton of bricks!! It was confirmation for me to give myself permission to slow down. To do business in a way that is healthy and sustainable. A God reminder to operate in the pace of grace.

Although I can’t get through a book to save my life, Audible has been a lifesaver! Trey Anthony’s Black Girl In Love with Herself, my first book of the year, was sooo on point! It resonated with me on so many levels. I mean, from unhealthy body image, like her grandmother squeezing her nose from top to bottom, which clearly didn’t work for me LOL, to wearing sleeves in the summer because of her fat arms.  I was like, GIRL, OMG, that is MY LIFE!!  But beyond that, establishing boundaries, resting, therapy, asking for support and more.  Speaking of support, Trey referenced my HU sis and friend Elayne Fluker who is the GOAT of support! She’s the curator of the “Support is Sexy” community and author of Get Over “I Got It”: How to Stop Playing Superwoman, Get Support, and Remember that Having it All Doesn’t Mean Doing it All Alone…my second book of the year. 

These resources, along with Sisters of AARP Luxe & Luminous box full of goodies, meditation, exercise, healthy eating, prayer, honest, vulnerable, and transparent conversations, have helped me jumpstart my year.

In 30 days from today, I will turn 49 and I am vowing to LOVE MYSELF!!! It’s going to take lots of work, prayer, and support but I am committed. The other day I shared with one of my sororsistafriends that transparency and vulnerability is where help and healing reside.  And, that is my truth. Be selfull.

If you can relate, put a heart in the comments.

6 Replies to “2022: The Year of the Self-Love Quest”

  1. I love this testimony. It most definitely resonates with me. My 2022 motto is, “Mind My Business”, meaning all things me and God. This year’s focus is all about me and my business. From self care to good health, healthy eating, finances, exercise, weight loss, massages, facials, vacations, building my business, and investments. Whatever I want life to look like for me this year and the years to come with God’s grace. It’s me and God on this journey with focus, self determination, self discipline, and discernment all accomplished with and through God! All praises and glory to God!

  2. Dawnita, I’m so glad that you took the plunge to being transparent and sharing your truth. It is one of the most freeing things to do…no matter how ugly the truth is! It frees us from all kinds of bonds and encourages other to free themselves as well. That’s exactly what the Lord wants from all of us…to stand in our truth and let go of the lies, deceit, and false images. By surrendering it all to HIM and allowing HIM to heal the wounds, traumas, and insecurities, HE can use us magnificently!!!! It has been very therapeutic to share my truth with you over the years. I pray that your plunge will encourage everyone to face their fears, hurts, resentments, unforgivenesses…and let go of all the shamel!!! COME ON FAMILY…LET’S LOVE THE LORD…LET’S LOVE OURSELVES, AND LET’S LOVE & ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME! IT’S THE ULTIMATE MISSION & PURPOSE!!! 🙏🏾❤❤❤


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